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SEO Testing

Ensuring your SEO is present and correct

When developing a new website it is important to make sure that all the SEO aspects are in place from launch and that there are no delays in tackling potential SEO problems.

The reason for that is, if you are moving from an old site to a new site, significant problems can occur with search engine rankings, inbound links and other areas, which can be tested beforehand to make sure they are not going to be a of concern.

Having WebDepend test your SEO is another area you no longer need to worry about ahead of launching a new website.

Some of the SEO aspects that we test


Title tags

Whether missing or duplicated


Meta description tags

Whether missing or duplicated


Alt tags

Relevant alt tags on images.


URL structure

URL structure for search engine friendly URLs.


Broken links

We check both internal and external links.


Hidden text

We look for content that search engines may believe is hidden from view.


XML sitemaps

We check that XML sitemaps are present and structured correctly.


Human readable sitemaps

We make sure people can find the sitemap and follow the links.


Checking social aspects including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Checking that analytics code is in place on each page.

And More

Any other aspects that may affect SEO performance.

Our Process

The SEO testing service follows our standard testing process.



We review the specification, wireframes and designs.

Create Test Plan

Create Test Plan

We create a test plan listing all the functionality and elements to be tested.

Conduct Testing

Conduct Testing

We carry out the testing and record any issues found in our bug tracking software.

Record Bugs

Record Bugs

All issues recorded include a description, URL, screenshot and priority.



We provide a report detailing what has been tested and a breakdown of the issues found.

Client Area

Client Area

Access to everything including the report and the issues found is through our client area.



We can retest all the bugs fixed plus carry out a full regression test to make sure nothing has been broken.

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