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User Experience Audit

The experience that a user has when they visit, browse, purchase from or otherwise use your website should be a positive one.

This positive experience reinforces your company’s brand, it provides the user with confidence in your business and means they are more likely to trust your company again in the future, or recommend your products or services to a friend or colleague.

On the other hand, a negative user experience can do the opposite, undermining your business and creating doubts, frustrations and disappointment where none existed previously.

Your website needs to provide users with a good experience, which is why we have devised a focused user experience audit to test a range of factors, which effectively assess the overall user experience your website offers its users.

User Experience Audit Benefits


An objective, independent assessment of your website.


Diligent and thorough with a simple aim – to improve your site’s user experience.


Focus on factors impacting user experience and usability.


Detailed feedback that can be actioned immediately.


Uncover many problems that often go unnoticed, except by your users.


Able to provide an objective evaluation, as not connected to the design, build or ongoing support of the site.

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Areas Assessed During UX Audit

Ease of navigating through the site, browsing product categories and ability to find information, such as delivery and returns information.

Comprehensive audit of the checkout process to ensure it follows best practice and is as easy as possible for each type of user to make a purchase and a repeat purchase.

Focus on ability to find specific pages and products using the site search facility.

Aspects that detract from the experience of using the site including slow pages, unclear or confusing wording and typographical or grammatical mistakes.

Display of products including imagery, information, sizes, options, related and complementary products.

Confidence level in purchasing from the website including key security features and trust signals, ability to reach customer service, cancel orders, request refunds, etc.

Specific attention on wording of navigation elements and buttons to ensure they make sense and the user understands what will happen if they are clicked on.

Review key competitors websites including specific comparisons with focus areas such as product search, navigation, display of products and checkout process.

Review positioning of page elements, calls to action and navigational aids to make sure they are where users expect depending on what they are attempting to accomplish.

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Examples Of What We Find During A UX Audit


Navigation structure that was confusing to a user, sections within menus that do not make sense, such as having the main product sections within a ‘Latest Offers’ menu.


Different link styles that mean users have to guess what they can click on or only find links through trial and error.


Pages within a responsive site that are not formatted for a mobile device.


Different terminology used to refer to the same information, meaning users follow links only to find they are led to a page already viewed.


Buttons not placed in a logical position so users have to hunt for the button to go to the next step in a checkout process.


Having a latest offers section that contained products that weren’t on offer.

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UX Audit Reporting

As part of the user experience audit, there are two deliverables, which are:

  • Each issue found will be added to our bug tracker, which we will invite you to have access to. These issues will be in the form of recommendations to improve the user experience and any specific usability or user experience problems that we find. Each issue will contain a detailed description, with a screenshot or video highlighting the problem and a severity.
  • A report covering the areas tested and a high level view of the types of issues found and recommendations made as to improvements that can be carried out.

This reporting means that you can feed results into your development team straightaway plus receive a high level report for the CEO or Head of Department.

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