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Website Auditing Services

Comprehensive website audits – improving the quality of your website

Auditing or analysing your website uncovers hidden problems that could be undermining your site and helps to improve quality, browser compatibility and usability, which results in a better, more successful, website.

Our website analysis services break down into 6 core areas.

Functionality Review

A comprehensive functionality audit of your website.


Reviewing the main functional aspects of the website to ensure that they work correctly.


More severe problems can directly affect how much money you make from your website.


Users hate errors and will abandon purchases or exit websites that have functionality problems.


We find these issues and report back to you so they can be fixed.


Small problems undermine confidence in your website (and sometimes your business too).

Browser Compatibility Review

Covering every major desktop web browser.


Browser testing is vital to pick up potentially serious issues affecting your site visitors.


Older web browsers do not deal with more modern methods so well, especially IE8 and IE9.


We check your site in the major web browsers including  IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


New web browsers are regularly released and your website needs to be checked in each major new web browser.


Web browsers utilise different technologies and so there can be big differences between them.

Mobile Compatibility Review

Covering every major mobile device.


We check your site across the main mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone handsets.


We can audit both mobile sites and native apps.


Covering latest operating systems and browsers for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Or check responsive designs across a range of screen sizes.

Usability Review

Auditing user frustrations and poor user experience.


Focusing on elements of your website that are confusing for a typical user or where the user experience could be improved.


Reporting on consistency of layout, styles and fonts that could make your site more difficult to use.


Finding problems that frustrate your website visitors and could cause them to leave your site.


Can encompass testing with real users.


Discovering areas that may reduce conversion rates and affect repeat visits.

Accessibility Review

Reviewing the main accessibility aspects and checking that the website complies with accessibility best practice guidelines.

SEO Review

Identifying any specific areas where your search engine optimisation is lacking or needs attention.

What You Get

  • Comprehensive audit of your website covering the areas described above.
  • Full breakdown of what has been reviewed.
  • All bugs and issues found entered into our bug tracking system.
  • Online access account to access your report.
  • All bugs and issues described and complete with screenshots, URLs and a priority level.
  • Recommendations as to any further steps required.

Examples Of What We Find

Here is a brief overview of the kind of issues we regularly find during a typical website audit. These are real issues found when reviewing and auditing websites.

  • A large special offer graphic on every page was still linking to the development site and so users were being inadvertently misdirected to the wrong place.
  • A link to the terms and conditions page during the checkout process producing an error, which meant the terms and conditions could not be read by the user. Almost certainly resulted in a lower level of orders.
  • The main navigation for a website was found to be broken and unusable when viewing the website in the Safari web browser.
  • The main graphical panel for a website had functionality where a series of images were displayed in a slideshow. This worked correctly in Google Chrome but only displayed the final slideshow image in Firefox 3.6.
  • A huge variety of broken links, spelling mistakes, poor site search results, browser related layout problems, images not displaying correctly, words not making sense, enquiry forms not working and the main contact email address for a website returning a ‘user not found’ bounce message.

The above issues were found on websites about to launch or recently launched, were produced by reputable digital and web design agencies and many of the items found could severely damage sales, enquiries and the reputation for the client whose website it was.

Even a basic website audit can find major issues in a website and reduce the likelihood of them being found by users trying to make a purchase or discover more details about a company’s products or services.

Issues such as those described above will switch users off to your website and generally they won’t come back.

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